Delete React

React (and GraphQL, etc.) are technologies created by, and to some degree supported by, Facebook. Using these technologies in your websites is tantamount to approving of Facebook, its agenda, and its platform.

The anti-pattern of “single-page” apps and their default user-hostility, lack of accessibility, and limitation of access (for folks on slow hardware, slow internet connections, or any number of other factors) is a huge misstep in our industry that has gone on for far too long.

The next Web Standards movement

Always reaching for React (or other SPA methodologies) is the new table-based layout. We need to move back to more traditional multi-page websites (with the addition of hypermedia-driven technologies as needed)! It will be like going from table-based layouts to CSS (except that was a cutting-edge change and we need to simply get back to fundamentals—with the benefit of some awesome new extensibility and options for proper Progressive Enhancement).